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One of the biggest challenges when making a change is getting everyone on board. How do you know that your team is ready to implement? What guarantees do you have that there won’t be a return to the “same old” workarounds?

Adaptive Growth Strategies helps make any change stick through our customized training. We focus on identifying the needs of every role and ensuring that not only are your employees trained but that they are supported throughout the implantation and beyond to operate at the highest level.

Failure to train and support employees effectively = failed, stalled or incomplete initiatives. AGS can help you avoid failure and embrace success.


In today’s world of work, leadership matters more than ever…but not everyone is prepared to lead successfully in a rapidly changing environment.

We are in a New World of Work where leadership by “command and control” no longer serves. And leading through bigger and bigger bonuses won’t get the best results either. According to a Deloitte survey in 2015 on Global Human Capital, 95% of job candidates believe that culture is a more important consideration than compensation in job satisfaction. Culture doesn’t only eat strategy for lunch – it eats salary too. So how do you become a leader who can develop your high potentials and your entire organization to be the adaptive, agile team you need? You begin by developing yourself. Adaptive Growth Strategies offers customized coaching and development workshops for leaders seeking to improve themselves and their teams.

From CXOs to team leads, Adaptive Growth Strategies offers development opportunities that elevate every role where they are. We work with teams in the midst of change initiatives, as well as with individuals seeking to better their adaptability to change.  

We view leadership development as an ongoing improvement initiative and are committed to bringing the best practices to our clients. Our goal is to elevate the success of organizations one leader at a time.


If you guessed the C-suite, you would be wrong! Year after year, participants in the PROSCI Best Practices in Change Management report identify mid-level managers as the most resistant group to change. And for good reason! Imagine managers squeezed in a vice; managers are expected to introduce changes to the business, meet the needs of employees and meanwhile run day-to-day business operations. Another change could oversaturate their workload or compromise their control or authority. Manager-level resistance to change is especially common if there is a history of past failed changes or if managers are unaware of why the change is happening.

A powerful way to overcome resistance in managers is to give them the tools they need to identify and resolve their own resistance. This is exactly what Adaptive Growth Strategies offers managers through its development workshops, designed to help managers become change leaders.

Once managers become confident in their own relationship to change, they are able to lead their teams effectively through the change process: from introducing the change, building awareness of the need for change, guiding each employee through their own change resistance, and serving as the key contact for employees and the project team throughout the change.

Adaptive Growth Strategies offers customized leadership development support for managers at every stage of a change initiative, offering organizations the best opportunity for success.

To achieve lasting results, organizations have to take a holistic approach to building an organizational efficiency strategy that will adapt to the ever-changing landscape and position your team to sustain long-term change. 

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