Organizational Efficiency

Short-term, or "one-off" initiatives, to become more efficient and keep pace with the competition by definition, are not conducive to long-term behavioral change. True, it’s simpler and faster to execute individual efficiency initiatives—such as cost reduction in the distribution network—and a focused effort can produce clear bottom-line gains. But where the singularly focused initiative falls short is in producing the desired effect of achieving similar efficiencies across all functions and maintaining them over time. To achieve lasting results, organizations have to take a holistic approach to building an organizational efficiency strategy that will adapt to the ever-changing landscape and position your team to sustain long-term change. 

Adaptive Growth Strategies is your long-term solutions partner.


Process design and development

Is it a chicken or an egg?

Effective business changes often rely on relevant data to support the call to action. Many times this data resides in terms of sales revenue, fixed expenses and competitive landscape, and rightly so. What may be often overlooked, however, are the data regarding the skills and aptitude of the people managing the processes that drive revenue, expenses and go-to-market strategies.

Adaptive Growth Strategies looks at process improvement through a “people-first” lens. In a world that will continue to automate, people will become more important as the critical solutions providers to issues that threaten organizational efficiency. Organizations have the opportunity to optimize technological innovation in process efficiencies through maximizing the people side of their enterprise. When people work synergistically with technology, over-engineered processes are a thing of the past.    


Let Adaptive Growth Strategies help you design the best processes for your business needs.