Q: What stage of change are you in?


Leaders and teams that proactively prepare for change are often seen as VISIONARY. 
Adaptive Growth Strategies works with clients at this stage to assess, strategize and execute to bring about desired organizational outcomes. Through deep understanding of the unique characteristics and needs of the impacted groups, clients experience a right sizing of their change initiative. Managing change at the beginning offers the best predictor of success.  


If change management is started later in the project cycle, activities will be an add-on to the project, and change management plans will be integrated with the remaining activities of the project team. Close alignment of communications and executive sponsorship are crafted along with effective and personalized training and coaching for individual change agents and team members. 


This stage of change management may require the diagnosis of gaps hindering effective change and a more aggressive approach to managing resistance. Late-stage change management often requires implementation of corrective action to make thorough and lasting change. There is great opportunity, though, for success at the later stages of change. Implementing a plan for success will allow teams and organizations to not only survive, but to thrive as productive examples of critical adaptation.

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