AGM In Practice

In addition to focusing on AGS’s Growth Enablers/Barriers, the AGM takes an organizational health approach based on McKinsey’s 7-S Framework, then applies LEAN principles to those findings to root cause each element. From applying an A3 lens to leadership to facilitating Kaizens for eliminating waste and enabling high-functioning teams, AGMs provide a comprehensive framework that is customizable to the client’s organizational culture.

That depth of insight translates to quantifiable outcomes.    

But what does it look like in practice?

First: We serve our clients by providing realistic, adaptable, people-focused solutions.

Because we approach each client’s challenge as unique to them, and we view each client’s challenge with an interdisciplinary lens, we provide each client with multiple options for moving forward based on a scale of Effort & Impact.

  • We set realistic expectations and deliver on those expectations with excellence.

  • We are intentional and transparent in our decision making, understanding and identifying trade-offs.

  • We draw on a wide variety of expert practitioners to serve each engagement as needed, rather than merely plugging in a “consultant” on any engagement regardless of expertise.

  • We are in constant contact with our clients to assess and adjust throughout the course of the engagement.

Second: We connect with our clients from the people and business side, understanding that the intersection of possibility is culture.

By working with individuals, teams and organizations from this balanced perspective, we can truly bring to each problem a growth solution that works – that realizes quantifiable value in every area of the organization.

Our AGM Philosophy of People | Culture | Business is the engine that drives every AGM engagement.

Third: We have a plan. The Seven Stages of AGM.

Successful growth requires a cohesive plan, which begins with the client and AGS partnering to build up growth enablers at every stage. To be adaptive, a strategic growth mindset has to be part of a company’s DNA. AGS helps companies achieve that by using a seven-stage process in each engagement: